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30 Greatest Jewish Songs

30 Greatest Jewish Songs

30 Greatest Jewish SongsTo Purchase Or Get More Information

Asin: B004HV71JQ

Binding: Audio CD

Label: Biram

Manufacturer: Biram

Publisher: Biram

Studio: Biram

Editorial Review: Track list: 1 Good Luck to Groom & Bride 01:05 2 The Rabbi & The Rabbi's Wife 02:23 3 The Rabbi Wants Us to Be Merry 02:11 4 My Yiddishe Momme 03:35 5 Enjoy the Sabbath 02:23 6 Inconsolable 03:04 7 The Tel-Aviv Polka 01:55 8 On Friday Night 01:59 9 Kol Nidrei 02:42 10 A Letter to Mother 02:20 11 Chave 02:12 12 Angel's Lullaby 02:29 13 The Jew & His Wife 02:50 14 Raisins & Almonds 02:53 15 The Jew & The Fiddle 01:32 16 The Praying Shawl 02:06 17 Eili, Eili 01:48 18 Yom Kippur Thème 19 Vus Is Gevain [What Used to Be] 03:41 20 Rebbi Elimelech 03:12 21 The Sun Went Down 03:22 22 Hava Naguila [Come and Rejoice]02:55 023 Can I Now Hora? 01:56 24 Atoh Vechartonoh [You Have Chosen Us] 02:20 25 Mekabel Ponim [The Welcoming Melody] 01:48 26 Bei Mir Bist du Shoen 03:11 27 Mitzwa -Tentzel [Mitzwa - Dances] 03:06 28 Bleib Gesund [Keep Well] 03:44 29 Ten Brothers 02:21 and 30 Hatikwah 01:12.

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