How To Do Every Israeli Partner Dance Even When You Or Your Partner Do Not Know the Steps

Israeli Partnership Dancing™

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Israeli partner dancing is a fun, energetic and exciting form of popular dance that incorporates dance styles from around the world in a uniquely Israeli dance style.

Every Israeli dance has its own unique choreography, made up by a choreographer.

There are many benefits to this style of dance. However, choregraphed partner dancing leads to a number of problems.

In most Israeli Partner Dance classes, we are taught choreography, not how to dance with a partner.

Typically the man and woman learn their own parts for each dance, without regard for how they communicate with one another.

Too frequently this results in partners wrestling with one another in a test of wills.

People have so much difficulty, they often will dance with only a few select partners.

Sometimes people get so frustrated they do not even want to dance with their regular partner if one of them does not know the dance.

In this course you will learn the etiquette, balance and body language of social dancing so you can dance easily with other people.

Solve The Gender Imbalance Problem And Make Your Group More Sociable

In Israeli Dancing, people find it too hard to dance with anyone but their regular partners. People without regular partners are left out.

In other social dancing, gender imbalance is easily solved by changing partners.

In other social dancing, most people dance with everyone else. Most people like dancing with different people.

When the people in your group have taken this course, they will be able to dance with one another easily and will be happy to change partners so everyone gets to dance.

Learn To Dance Beautifully, Two People As One

Sometimes our dancing with a partner is transcendent, leaving you with a feeling that can last for days. Words cannot describe these experiences, you have to live them.

The problem is they do not happen enough. Even when you and your partner know a dance, rarely do you dance as one, as you might find in other social partner dancing, like Swing, Salsa or Ballroom dancing.

In Israeli partner dancing, we often have two people dancing as two, both doing the correct steps in close proximity, but not moving together.

Many women, since they know the dances, will take their step before the man initiates his step. Even if the woman takes her step only a fraction of a second before the man, the effect is noticeable to a social dancer, and interupts the connection.

Connection is the heart of dancing with a partner. In this course, you and your partner will learn to make a beautiful connection and to dance every step as one.

Dance Every Dance Effortlessly As Light As A Feather Without Pain Or Injury

With proper balance and connection you and your partner can glide across the dance floor like you are on ice skates.

When you and your partner know how to communicate through your natural body movement, dancing is effortless.

Many people, push and pull on their partner as a means of communicating, thinking in this way they can help lead their partners through a dance.

The effect is the opposite. Pushing and pulling does not help your partner, and actually makes things worse, throwing them off balance, slowing them down, confusing them and preventing them from dancing freely.

The pushing and pulling is dangerous too, and can cause injuries.

Besides the dangers, pushing and pulling is unpleasant. Even minor discomfort is unacceptable. When we dance, we should be comfortable.

In this course you will learn how to dance as light as a feather, by maintaining your own balance and communicating through your center. You will learn how to dance safely and effortlessly.

Understand the Principles for Social Dancing

The entire method for dancing with a partner, can be summarized on a single piece of paper.

For the last four years, we have been refining this method, called Partnership Dancing™, for doing every Israeli partner dance effortlessly, whether you or your partner know the steps.

We have been testing Israeli Partnership Dancing™ with different people on countless dances and it works for every step, in every dance, with only a few exceptions.

Women Learn To Do Every Partner Dance

Women, when you learn proper balance and good following skills, you can do every Israeli partner dance without having to learn any of the steps.

Whether you are dancing with a novice or an advanced dancer, you will know what to do to make each dance fun for both you and your partner.

In this course, you will learn to do every partner dance, and do them more enjoyably for your partner than the women that know the dances. You will learn how to dance so men will love dancing with you.

Men Dance With Confidence

The men that know how to dance with a partner, are a pleasure for the women to dance with, and in demand as a partner.

You will learn how to dance in a way that allows the woman to dance free and effortlessly.

Once you learn the principles for communicating with a partner, you can be sure what you are doing is correct, your confidence will increase and the women will love dancing with you.

Have People Lined Up To Dance With You

When you learn to dance properly with a partner, you will have people lined up to dance with you, and coming back to dance with you again and again.

When you go to camps and workshops, you will have people booking ahead to dance sets with you.

Raise The Level Of Your Whole Group

Most importantly, when everyone is on the same page, understands the etiquette and skills of partner dancing, and knows how to communicate with one another, your whole group has a more enjoyable experience.

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