Demonstration of Lead and Follow in Israeli Partner Dancing

These videos are NOT a demonstration of Israeli Partnership Dancing™. While the women in these videos do a good job of following the dances, they make a fair amount of mistakes. People who have learned Israeli Partnership Dancing™ can do dances the very first time, without instruction, better than people that already know the dance. We are working on videos that demonstrate this.

Demonstration of Lead and Follow in Israeli Dancing

These videos were posted a while back. These videos demonstrate that a person can dance Israeli partner dances adequately enough for social dancing, without knowing the choreography.

These are demonstrations of women doing advanced Israeli Partner Dances without any instruction and without having seen the dance or heard the music before.

These women are using their skills from social partner dancing to follow these advanced Israeli Partner dances.

If you have been Israeli dancing, you know how difficult it is to dances you do not know. You know how impressive these women's following skills are, still you can tell at times that they do not know the dance. Women who have learned Israeli Partnership Dancing™ can follow every step and you cannot tell that they do not know the dance.

Juliana, Kelli and Cathy had no Israeli partner dance experience. Juliana has performed Israeli circle dances. Kelli and Cathy had not seen Israeli dancing before.

Juliana is a professional dancer. Kelli is an experienced social dancer and international clogging instructor. Cathy is a competitive West Coast Swing dancer. These women are using their following skills acquired from their experience in social dancing. These videos demonstrate that at least some experienced social dancers can do Israeli partner dances adequately without learning choreography.

Margaret is a novice dancer in her first month of dancing. Margaret, unlike Juliana, Kelli and Cathy, has been learning how to orient herself in Israeli partner dances. Her video demonstrates that novice dancers, if taught how to orient themselves, can somehow manage to get through advanced Israeli partner dances without learning choreography. She is not really dancing, but she is having fun, and not causing a problem for her partner.

All the women walked onto the floor and started dancing without any instruction or advanced indication of either the music or choreography. Juliana and Margaret had seen Israeli dancing before, but Kelli and Cathy had no idea of what to expect before we started dancing.

The women have no other women dancers around to take clues from. They have not seen others do the dance. They are dancing to these dances while they are hearing the music for the first time. They are relying only on their partner.

Note: you should not use these videos as an authoritative source for the choreography. I make many mistakes in these dances. Interestingly, my mistakes show another advantage of the women following, because we go right on happily dancing, enjoying the music and our connection without unpleasant wrestling or struggle for control.

Remember the women are doing these dances without instruction.

In these demonstrations, the man knows the dances and the woman does not. In this case, a woman trained in Partnership Dancing™ can follow every step in every dance without learning the choreography. I plan to provide video demonstrations of this at some point.

The techniques of Partnership Dancing™ work when the woman knows the dance and the man does not. They also work if neither partner knows the dance, as long as someone in the room knows the dance. In these cases, it is not possible to communicate every step. However people can dance well enough that they can enjoy the dance.

Though the women do not know the dances, dancing with them is a pleasure. Dancing with them is comfortable and relaxed. There is no tension, pushing or pulling. The women take every step on their own by lightly following the connection, with no application of force.

Make sure you see Kelli doing Tango Achshav. This is Kelli's first hour of Israeli Dancing, remember without any instruction. Watch the video of Margaret doing Ani Eshtagea. This is in her first month of any kind of dancing. She is doing this dance without any instruction.

Juliana, Kelli and Cathy have not been through the Israeli Partnership Dancing™ workshop. There are certain simple principles they do not know that would let them follow the steps they missed.

Beginning Dancers

Sure Juliana, Kelli and Cathy are great dancers, but Israeli Partnership Dancing™ works equally well for all skill levels, even novices as Margaret's videos demonstrate.

One thing to note, this is a partnership. The man has to know how to dance in a way that allows the woman to follow the dances.

Many men who know the dances, still struggle with women who do not know the dances, even when the women are willing to follow. There are certain things the man needs to do, or not do, that makes following easier for the woman.

Israeli Partnership Dancing™ shows both the women and men exactly what to do, so they can enjoy every dance, regardless of who knows the choreography.

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