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IsraeliPartnerDancing.com is here to help you improve your partner dancing skills and help your group have more sociable partner dance sessions.


There are three products on this website to help you and your group.

  1. Workshop - you can schedule an Israeli Partnership Dancing™ skills workshop for your location. This could be a separate workshop or part of a camp.

  2. Book - the book Partnership Dancing™, the ABCDs of Dancing With a Partner, How to Communicate Every Step in Every Social Dance explains in detail how to dance with a partner.

  3. Online Course - explanations and videos, with examples and exercises for dancing with a partner.


In 2005, I moved back to Gainesville and took over our tiny Israeli Dancing group. Though we had a small group, people were eager to learn and we danced twice a week for a few hours each evening.

We love Israeli partner dances and have included them from the beginning.

In our group, we teach the women to follow and the men to lead.

We have a precise method for how to dance with a partner and everyone learns exactly what each signal means, where to go and where to be.

One day, a young lady asked me to tell her what the steps of a dance were. That made me smile, because through body language, I was telling her every step of the dance as we did it.

Partnership Dancing™ is the method we use to communicate. Partnership Dancing™ works perfectly for Israeli partner dancing.

Recently, we had a woman move here from another group. She was skeptical until she saw me dance Rina with a lady in our group, who did every step exactly, without ever having seen the dance before and without any instruction. Now she has embraced Israeli Partnership Dancing™ and can now do all the partner dances without instruction.

In our group everyone dances with everybody. We rotate partners and do every dance twice, if we need to, so everyone gets to do every dance.

Often we have women that will dance the man's part and sometimes vice versa.

There is no wrestling, pushing or pulling, or test of wills.

Everyone knows the rules. We may not get all the steps right, but every dance is smooth and comfortable, without any conflict. Everyone has a good time with every dance, whether or not they or their partner knows the steps.

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