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One woman had written to me that she thought the class "was very good--and everyone we spoke with thought the same". I wrote her back asking what she liked specifically and this is her reply.


The simplicity of the breaks (movements without alot of steps), while feeling/practicing the lead, broke it down in a way that was extremely useful. We were able to focus on the lead/follow while not trying to learn a complex dance.

Another thing we found really useful was closing our eyes to get the feel of the lead--you had done that in another of your classes. Alot of us were dancing with our ordinary partners and that drill is useful so that we don't just watch body language.

Also, ending the evening with Bala was great---it gave us all some dancing that was fun and a chance to dance with everyone. It ends the evening on a positive note and shows that dancing really is fun!


Some Other Comments

These are from a variety of dance classes.

Hi Andy,
It really was an especially enjoyable evening. Many thanks for your hard work and patience.

Thanks for putting together the WCS classes. I had some people after class tonight mentioning how much they enjoyed it. You did a good job.

Thank-you for so much Andy.
You have opened my eyes in ways I never could have imagined.

Hi, Andy:
I want to thank you for the time and motivation you put into the Israeli Dancing. It is certainly a blessing for many people.

Hi, Andy.
Dancing last night was, in my opinion, wonderful. I was so energized when I got home, it was almost like being high.
You are very good at leading a group. You are welcoming, have a good sense of pacing, you encourage people without being too pushy, correct people without giving offense.

I find myself using what I learned from you everywhere I can.

Hi Andy,
Thank you !!!!! And Joseph! You guys taught a great class today!
It was a lot of fun and my students absolutely loved it!
Again thank you for 2 wonderful classes!!!!

Hi Andy,
Saturday was fun... Thanks for playing some "ballroom" music and for getting me into the swing rueda...I probably never would've tried it otherwise!

Dear Andy,
We very much enjoyed the swing dance class today. As always, you are so patient and calm, and make us feel very comfortable.
Marsha and Teo

Cool, I'll see if she will let me in this week. I like your approach to other teachers.

Do they pay you?
My Mother

Hi Andy!
Annette and I had a great time, as usual, dancing with you last night. And I have to say, I really admire your patience! It can't be easy to stay so calm and collected when people are (rudely) questioning what you're trying to teach. Good job!

I thought your presentation on lead/follow techniques was extremely well thought out and helpful. ... it would be a wonderful "elective" activity at workshops like Chagiga and Machol Miami, etc.

Dear Andrew,
What an enjoyable night of dancing on Sunday! A little bit of everything: oldies, newer dances, couples, and learning something new. All in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. You are so good at managing the group and accommodating everyone who shows up.

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