Partnership Dancing Workshop Overview

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Balance is the most basic skill. To teach steps is easy. To teach balance is difficult. ~ Andres, Russian Argentine Tango dancer

Contact us to make arrangements for an Israeli Partnership Dancing™ workshop for your group.

Workshop Objective

The objective of this workshop is to teach people how to dance comfortably with partners of all skill levels, for Israeli partner dancing.

Other versions of this workshop are great for choreographed partner groups like Contra, English Country, International, Scottish and Square dancing. This workshop is exceptionally useful for non-choreographed dance groups, like social ballroom, hustle, latin and swing dancers as they can use one set of rules and signals that work the same with every person, for every step in every dance.

The workshop teaches the fundamental principles of all social partner dancing: balance, connection and direction. Even if you are an advanced dancer or an instructor, if you cannot articulate these basic principles in a systematic way, this workshop should be of benefit to you.

With these three fundamental ideas people can do any kind of social dancing.

Workshop Size

This workshop can be for groups of any size, from individuals to hundreds. The smaller the group, the more personal attention and the more one will learn.

Workshop Time

This program can fit into a larger workshop, or it can be the feature program for the day or weekend.

Workshops can be of any length from one hour to two days.

Workshop Structure

All sessions are designed to be fun and see that everyone has a great time.

The sessions use a series of exercises to convey the principles, so people are kept busy participating.

The sessions build on successive skills and knowledge. The sessions address physical technique, social etiquette and emotional issues.

The sessions are adjusted according to the amount of time available and the skill level of the group.

Workshop: HomeIntroductionWorkshop Overview

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