Juliana Azoubel Israeli Partner Dancing demonstration of Lead and Follow

Juliana is a professional dancer and has experience performing Israeli dances. She has some past experience with Israeli Circle Dances from years ago, but almost no Israeli Partner Dance experience.

This is my first time trying this experiment. The experiment is to see how well can someone who knows how to dance follow Israeli dances without any instruction or preview of the dance.

Juliana does quite well, well enough that we could go to any group and do the partner dances and have a nice time.

Partner dancing is about making a connection with your partner and both of you dancing together, in time with one another. By this measure, in my opinion, Juliana does better than most Israeli dancers, because she takes her steps with you. She dances whatever you do, when you do it.

The videos are listed in the order they were done.

  1. Remez with Juliana and Andrew - This is the first dance we tried. We only do it once through and a little more. She is pretty good about getting the rhythm changes, switching between walks and triple steps. See at the end, she does the 1-2 cha cha cha, in and out perfectly. Near the beginning she goes the wrong way. I let her go. She soon figures out what to do and quickly catches up.

  2. Erev Kachol Amok with Juliana and Andrew - this is about as hard as dances get. This was the second dance we did. I skipped the dip, because the dip is an off balance move. Off balance moves can be dangerous and should not be lead without prior practice.

  3. Esh with Juliana and Andrew - two days later we did Esh. Juliana did not know I was coming by. I showed up and caught her on her way out. She took off her shoes and we started dancing. See how well she synchronizes the yemenite rhythm with me in part one. What a pleasure to dance with someone who is dancing with you and not ahead of you. The first time, in the part with all the turns, she was following my body and got confused. I told her to "follow the hand" and she got all the turns fine after that. She was dancing so nice, my mind started to wander, and I started leading her astray at the end.

  4. Esperanza with Juliana and Andrew - after Esh we did Esperanza. This is the first time either of us had done the dance. I had watched Esperanza on video, but was not real sure of the parts. Not bad for the first time. She missed the momentum signals for the turns. If she had been to my workshop, she would have gotten them.

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