Discussion: Dance Cards and Ladies Choice in Israeli Partner Dances - 8/13/2010

August 19, 2010 from a forum on Israeli Partner Dancing


Dancing with six partners is better than one.

Like Cindy's experience, it seems to me even in other social dance settings, people gravitate to those they feel most comfortable with.

Should we bring back dance cards? http://www.mixedpickles.org/dancecards.html

The only way I know to equalize the dancing is to have an organized rotation.

Maybe a little of both would be good.

Maybe early in the evening, rotate partners every dance in an organized manner, so people dance with people they have not danced with before. That way, people may be more comfortable dancing with different partners later, when they choose their partners.



I like the idea of one early set with mandatory rotation between dances, and one ladies choice set later in the evening. The protocol for the ladies choice set would be that if a man turns down a woman, he is not to dance with anyone that set. Anyone who does not like the rules can just sit out these two sets.

The idea of dance cards is interesting, but will not work unless it is mandatory. I once brought a dance card for myself and made an announcement that anyone could dance one set with me by signing up on my dance card. Though I had partners for every set, not one person signed the dance card.


BTW, note that with the mandatory rotation set people would still be free to pick the partner with whom they dance on the first dance of the set.

Hi Jeff,

You try different things and see how they work.

Dance cards may work under some circumstances. Same with ladies choice and partner rotation.

Do not think we have done them enough to know how to use them effectively.

We have a few problems we are trying to solve. Done the right way, these may be helpful tools.

Some problems are:

1. People without regular partners frequently are excluded from partner dancing

2. People often do not have much of a chance to dance with different people

3. When a partner set comes on, sometimes it can be a mad rush to find a partner

Maybe someone will have some success with these or other ideas and we can learn from them.


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